You must pay 50% of the total cost as a deposit; the remaining 50% is payable after finishing the job.

Our Creative Director will analyze the shared script and determine how much work the video needs. Depending on how complex the script is, we will give you an estimate for video production services.

It is, in fact, on a per-second basis. We advise you to make a film that is as brief as possible. If a longer duration isn't required, 60 to 90 seconds would be ideal.

Layam is a team of professional ad filmmakers in Coimbatore. We create compelling ads that can reach the target audience and helps your brand penetrate the market. Our ads create credibility and visibility for your brand resulting in business growth and profit.

Layam has an in-house production unit and our dynamic team of experts in all zones of ad filmmaking. Team Layam provides end-to-end services from concept to production under one roof.

We are good storytellers. We prefer to write our scripts whenever possible so that we may use our years of experience to help you convey your idea. You should take some time to ponder on why you need this movie and to whom you need to tell this narrative. We can best design your tale if you provide us with the information in these two questions.

Layam's company videos are innovative, informative, and engaging. Our unique concept and professional approach build credibility for your business. We picture your vision, mission, and value, making the clients understand how successful they can be with your business deal. Spread the importance of your brand with Layam Media's company profile videos.

The four layers of segmentation geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral can aid in identifying the primary target audience for your company.

Layam Media has an in-house production unit and is fast in its production work. It needs 4 to 8 weeks to make a creative video from scratch.

Layam Media makes video testimonials at affordable rates. Yet the videos guarantee a fair ROI with proper marketing.

You can make video testimonials, as many free testimonial video templates are available. But, professional videography is necessary to give the audience a visual appeal and keep them engaged.

To earn money directly from YouTube, you must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours in the last 12 months. After that, you may apply to YouTube's Partner Program to monetize your channel.

Layam Media develops a unique concept and high-quality content that grabs viewers' attention. Our video production team transforms a theme into a beautiful visual treat.

Yes. Layam keeps the photographs of your products for one year with a reference number. You can get the images from us in the event you lose them.

We take photos of the products at our in-house production unit. If it is viable, bring the products to our business location. Otherwise, our photographers will visit your place and take pictures.

Yes. Explainer videos can boost landing page conversion rates by more than 80%. These quick videos, which are often no more than 90 seconds, can assist you in engaging and connecting with your viewers.

It may take longer or shorter, depending on the kind of explainer video you want to make and how quickly you can exchange feedback. Get in touch with our explainer video agency to learn more about the turnaround time.

We have all the video production facilities at our place. It may take 4 to 8 weeks to deliver the demo version of the video.

Yes. Layam's expert videographers in Coimbatore will visit your business location to take photos if necessary. In addition to the actual images and videos, we utilize animations and eye-catching visuals to enhance the video's appeal.

As a precaution after the shot, we back up the video on location. Within 36 hours, we upload it to our office server and begin working on the basic edits. Our post-production team will be hard at work compressing your 8 hours of content into 90 seconds.

We suggest that you book 20–30 days before the shoot.